TopicSmoking and ED

  • Mon 2nd Dec 2019 - 10:19am

    Still sucking on those cancer sticks? Putting another nail in the ol' coffin? Well, Advanced Prostate Formul  here is another reason to quit smoking those smelly cigarettes: smoking increases the chances of erectile dysfunction by about 50%. That is right, aside from giving you cancer of the mouth, throat and longs, hypertension, chronic lung problems and ashtray breath, cigarettes can actually make it a lot harder for you to get it up and keep it up.

    Here is why.

    Erection and blood flow

    Erections happen because of blood flowing to the penis. In order to get a rock hard erection, all of your valves and pumps need to be tip top shape. Smoking can damage blood vessels causing them to degenerate. Nicotine also affects the arteries that go to your penis, causing them to narrow which results in less blood flow and overall pressure. Overtime, this narrowing can become so severe that erections become impossible. These problems down under can also be a warning of worse things to come. As your veins and arteries continue to incur damage, other blood flow problems to slightly more vital organs such as the heart can happen (just in case impotence is not enough reason to quit).

    How to combat ED caused by smoking

    The first step is to finally give up that filthy habit. Smoking is really bad for your overall health and can constrict your blood vessels to the point that erections become impossible. In the UK alone, researchers believe that 120,000 have erectile dysfunction that can directly be blamed on smoking. Besides, everyone know that kissing a smoker is like frenching an ashtray, and nothing can a turn a chick off more that locking lips with a smoker. Once you give up the habit, and perhaps start exercising and eating better, your arteries and blood vessels will start to become less constricted allowing your blood to flow more freely. Overtime, if the damage is not too severe, your erections might start to come back.



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