TopicGetting a Powerful Brain With Simple Steps

  • Thu 26th Mar 2020 - 9:55am

    If you want to keep your brain working at its best just follow Cognitiva Review these easy tips. You will be boosting your ability to concentrate, remember and to learn. You will also help your brain to stay young.

    The most important thing for your brain is proper nutrition. Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Your brain is made of 60% fat so foods like eggs, sardines and anything containing essential fatty acids are great for brain health. Your brain consumes 30% of the calories your body uses so it is important to eat regular meals.

    You may like to consider Ginkgo Biloba and iron as supplements. Both of these help with oxygen supply to your brain. Exercise is also essential for healthy brain function. Exercise helps increase the supply of oxygen available for your brain. It helps with the generation of new brain cells. Just thirty minutes of brisk walking three times a week will improve your brain.

    In a recent study, scientists found that learning new skills increased brainpower. The cases they tested involved the subjects learning how to juggle. Learning new skills boosts your brain function. Sleep is also essential to healthy brain function. REM sleep is important for healthy brain function and you need to get about seven to nine hours of sleep to benefit.

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