TopicAir Pollution Number One Cause of Heart Attack - Must Have Tulsi Tea

  • Thu 26th Mar 2020 - 9:53am

    Tulsi tea can be taken every day. It is pleasant tasting calming experience.   Omega 3-7-9 Krill Review   Tulsi tea is an expectorant and a cardioapathy. Tulsi works on the lungs to soothe dry toxic deficient lung tissue.It is used in India today, an ayurvedic medicine it is used to treat bronchitis, asthma and re-occurring respiratory infections.

    One of the best books that I have used to educate my patients about Tulsi Tea is: Tulsi: The Mother Medicine of Nature

    One of the actions of Tulsi tea is to keep the toxins that get into the lungs out of the body. It does that by maintaining mild flow of water in the cell of the lungs and the heart to keep those toxins dissolving and moving out of the body through urine, feces and sweat. Tulsi tea acts like a very mild laxative to keep toxins moving out of the body. The beautiful aspect of Tulasi tea is that it pacifies vata, pitta and kapha so its for all body types.

    One of the major actions of Tulasi tea is called hridya that means heart tonic. Tulasi tea helps when the heart is in heavy stress as in exposed to air pollution. Tulsi strengthens cardiovascular system. Tulsi tea improves elasticity and dilation in artery and vein system.




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