TopicHow to Have a Robust Libido Again

  • Tue 14th Jan 2020 - 7:03am

    Scar tissue: Webs of scar tissue can form The Menopause Myth Review between the fallopian tubes, ovaries and the uterus thus hindering the transfer of egg. Many women suffer from asymptomatic STDs (studies have shown that almost 70 percent of women with chlamydia do not seek treatment because it shows no symptoms). STDs can cause scaring in the tube, ectopic pregnancy and other reproductive problems. This eventually leads to infertility. A few things you can do to avoid STDs are -

    Low libido or lack of sexual drive to develop sexual desire is very common in women as compared to the men. In the USA alone, around 40 percent women lack sexual appetite. Mostly the women of age 25 or more complain of this problem.

    Before we further advance this topic, please have a look at what "sexual drive" stands for. We can describe it as a spontaneous sexual interest in the form of erotic fantasies and sexual thoughts. This condition indicates that a man or a woman naturally has a longing for sex, irrespective of existence or non-existence of any intention to fulfill it. The sexual desire is more than just a low libido or sexual drive.

    In some cases, however, a woman's sexual desire decreases up to a certain level for some physical or psychological reasons. This condition, widely known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), causes a significant disturbance in the proper functioning of a woman's sexual system. They usually have no orgasm issue; rather they find no inclination within them to have sex. Otherwise, they feel quite healthy, fit, and energetic enough to have a sex.

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